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Welcome to the Dylan McNeely Wiki

Dylan McNeely is a golfer, Youtuber, and a High Schooler.

Early Life (1995 - 2006)

Dylan was born on November 15, 1995 at St. Josephs Hospital in Burbank, Ca. He went to Horace man pre school. He then went to Roosevelt Elementary school.

Middle School (2006 - 2010)

Dylan then moved on to David Starr Jordan Middle School. He did yearbook in 7th and 8th grade. He was the head editor of the yearbook in 8th grade. He also won the Susie Wilson leadership award in 2010. he was also apart of the scholarship club for his 7th grade year.

High School (2010 - Present)

Dylan started his High School career in 2010 and joined the boys varsity golf team for John Burroughs High School and made it on the team again the next year. He was in JSA (Junior State of America) in tenth grade. he took AP European History in tenth grade and got a 3 on his AP test.

Youtube Career

Dylan teamed up with Jarrett Durran and created the youtube channel called DylanNJarrett. Dylan and Jarrett had three different show types on their Youtube Channel. The first was The Dylan and Jarrett Show where they would talk about what they liked and didn't like in the news or what they saw during their day. The second day was Fun Facts which included Dylan talking about a random fact for approximately 70 seconds. The third show was Random Asian Rants (also known as RAR's) where Jarrett would rant about asian stereotypes. As of now they have thirty four videos, over 3200 video views, and 20 subscribers.

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